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Chavonne D. Stewart, Founder & CEO of Living 4 Purpose Enterprises, LLC.

Where Your Dreams Become Your Reality!

According to Chavonne, self-doubt and fear are the precursors that determine whether or not a person will fulfill their purpose in life. Chavonne encourages others to seek after the desires of their heart. She lives by example, encouraging others to utilize the power within them and believe that what is desired already exists. And, is positioned for the taking!


She recounted just how she was able to triumph and succeed beyond her wildest dreams. In spite of the uncomfortable change, lack of resources, support, and preparation, Chavonne relied on her spiritual foundation and work ethic to re-energize her and change her outlook on life to fulfill a dream, she thought couldn’t be true.

Chavonne is a dynamic and animated speaker who inspires, educates, empowers and embraces her audiences and holds them accountable for the life they live and/or choose not to live by providing a workable plan for "Making Dreams Come True…One Step at a Time!!”


Although, it may be set aside for a divinely appointed time, many do not believe that their dreams are even attainable, or argue why it could never be! Pessimistic thinking outweighs optimistic thinking in our society. Because many of us can’t see past our current environment. Limiting us from reaching our highest potential life.

What Can Chavonne Do for You?

With over 10 years’ experience in entrepreneurship, management, beauty industry & customer service, Chavonne Stewart has mastered the art of educating and empowering people to pursue their highest potential.

  • Motivational keynote addresses
  • Full or half day presentation or workshops
  • Individual or group coaching sessions

Through insightful, motivational keynote addresses, half day or full day presentations, workshops, and coaching sessions; Chavonne has the tenacity to ignite individuals and teams to change their thought process, raise their standard of living and developing a workable plan to ensure optimal performance.

Chavonne’s ability to be transparent, embrace people’s dreams and share techniques to become a master of change rather than a victim of circumstances.

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